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going home should be easy, but some monsters are family.
 by t.y.b.
First Printing is now

Get Your Real Paranormal Activity Going!

I'm very happy to announce that SnugComics.com has partnered up with the one and only Aaron Hunter and Mystery-Brit, who produce the weekly RealParanormalActivity radio show!  Their entire back catalog is now available to stream for free, right here!

The RPA show broadcasts weekly on KCOR and brings together a wide range of paranormal discussions with some of the top field investigators, authors, television producers, and everyday folks who have had unexplainable encounters.

Win SnugComics.com Exclusives!

This September, Mandy's arch-rival, Bianca Bravo, makes her way to the pages of 'Action Hero Mandy.'  Fashioned after indie scream queen, Bianca Allaine, look for her debut in the next couple months right here on Snugcomics! 

To celebrate, I'll be offering the chance to win a limited edition print of Bianca Bravo, signed by Bianca Allaine!

Click here for more info!


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